14 Lesser Known Drinking Games You Should Probably Play This Weekend

While games can make or break any social gathering, many party goers and throwers don’t know all of the options that are out there. After tireless research, here is a list of the best drinking games for a variety of occasions. Test your partner’s vocabulary with a sensual Guess the Word game. Think of a few romantic words before you start playing; then, on your turn, trace the word onto your partner’s back or the nape of their neck with your fingers. If they can guess the word correctly, you must take a drink. Take turns doing this (and enjoying one another’s touch!)For example, you could trace the word “HEART” letter by letter across your partner’s skin.

Kinky cards

You can play with your partner or other couples. All you need is a coin and your favorite drink to play this game. Everything becomes more exciting and interesting with a partner, and the same is true for drinking games! They bring you closer to your partner, shed any inhibitions, and help you have some fun amid your dreary everyday existence. For instance, games like Russian roulette, drunken artists, and straight face let you explore your drinking capacity while engaging in various enjoyable activities.

Truth or Drink Questions for Boyfriend (or Girlfriend)

That’s because the games enable the players to express themselves freely and naturally. Each person says two things about themselves that are true, along with one thing that’s a lie. If the other person fails to guess the lie correctly, they drink. It’s another great way to get to know someone under the comfortable influence of alcohol—without revealing quite as much as you might playing Never Have I Ever.

You and your partner must complete the tasks mentioned on the blocks. If you can’t, for some reason, you take one shot. You both are in for an unforgettable and silly game night. However, remember, anyone who is downloading the videos is not supposed to see them in advance before playing the game. Such games are not just fun but also reveal a lot about your partner’s choices, preferences, and lifestyle.

In this scenario, it’s an excellent approach for the group to converse. If a person chooses not to share a tale, they must drink and the game moves on to the next player. You can play a drinking Tinder game with other friends who have Tinder. Get a small group, pick your favorite drink, and get ready to have some fun. You can use one phone for this game to scroll through different profiles. Everyone will drink if the person has a kid or a beard in their profile picture.

However, Power Hour is one of the best games to play if you want to excite the deepest emotions out of your partner. Those aged 21 and over may enjoy a fresh spin on everyone’s favorite high school hobby. Truth or Drink is a new take on the delicious Truth or Dare that we’ve all grown to love and fear.

Whatever the answer to this question is, remember that you two are now exes for a reason. But remember to watch how much you drink if you’re driving home, and make sure you have a ride home if you get too tipsy. No one can see if you’re alone at the movies when the lights are switched off. You’ll be surprised who among your friends have had similar experiences!

Everyone sits in a circle, and then one by one, each person makes a confession. Once you have enough questions, place them all in a bowl. Both partners will pick questions from the bowl. Write down a consequence if your partner guesses wrong.

You each write something extremely outrageous on the paper. Whoever picks it out from the bunch will have to read it out loud. Most drinking games revolve around dares and localMilf profile examples divulging secrets. This gives you an opportunity to tell your date/friends something new about yourself and vice versa. Start the game with nothing but your underwear on.

Twister is a regular game that many of us played as kids, but you can give it a naughty twist. You start by playing the game normally, but every time you fall down, you must take a shot. After you’re done with the first round, increase the number of glasses with alcohol and continue the game. You’ll both be laughing and getting naughty in no time.

If you can’t manage it, you guessed it, it’s time to drink. Make this classic even sillier with romantic acting prompts and drinks. Prepare some cards or slips of paper with an object, person, place, or action on them and place them, folded, in a bowl. To play Charades, take turns with your partner drawing a slip and acting out whatever is on it without saying a word. Whoever isn’t acting must guess what the word is; if you guess wrong, you have to take a drink.

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