Should An INFJ Date Another INFJ?

They might not be vocal about this, but they definitely expect their loved ones to be able to read the non-verbal cues. Attentiveness can also mean giving an INFJ your full attention, without distractions or interruptions. The fact that INFJs are attracted to honesty makes sense when you consider that most INFJs enter a relationship thinking of a long-term thing. They hope to reach a level of comfort with their partners where there’s no space for lies. These types admire people who can empathically voice their opinions, without ruminating on what others might think of them—something they often struggle to do themselves. The INFJ is known as an Advocate, or Counselor, as they have extremely nurturing and caring personalities.

Take your time.

This type isn’t afraid to demand what they deserve and encourages the INFJ to do the same. The Assertive Go-Getter can help their INFJ realize a clear action plan to achieve what they want in life. This type encourages the INFJ not to allow fear or doubt to get in the way of their dreams. The INFJ admires the Assertive Go-Getter’s diligence and hard work, and from observation, can incorporate these skills into their own life. Here are the nine types of people you should try dating — or at least get to know — as an INFJ.

Worst Careers for INFJ Women

Poisonous close matchmaking was an effective “normal” point in my situation in the past. My partner overrun me to a breaking point on a very nearly consistent basis. Even after my ideal services to avoid, I became constantly entering you to definitely matchmaking once several other with similar performance. But there’s a way you could potentially stop my problems. Being single minded, being direct but not overwhelming , and being dedicated in your pursuit are all brownie points. Maintaining the highest respect for her but also understanding that you want her… and you’re determined to get her is important.

You already have a great start in the dating world. You’re intuitive, deep, caring, and generally pretty awesome at picking up on the feelings of others. Sometimes their greatest romantic interests will turn into nothing because INFJs rarely initiate anything in dating. INFJs have a problem with being the first one to show interest or to reveal their feelings when it comes to matters of the heart. They would much rather observe the other person, over analyze every possible situation and outcome, and slowly test the waters before even giving a small piece of themselves.

INFJs are highly perceptive of others, but they don’t just remember their coworker’s birthday or how they take their coffee. In fact, as big-picture thinkers, these small details may escape even the most observant INFJ! People of the INFJ personality use their intuition to penetrate below the surface. They get into other people’s heads and figure out what makes them tick.

Each personality type has their own way of flirting and connecting with others. When it comes to romance, not everyone approaches it the same or even shares the same relationship values. INFJs have a unique approach to romantic entanglements, but they also value them very much. Some INFJs might be hesitant about romance, even though most can peg them as affectionate and open people.

Some people might think that Advocates are too choosy, and it’s true that these personalities can be prone to unrealistic expectations. With their perfectionistic, idealistic nature, Advocates might be tempted to hold out for a “perfect” partner or relationship that ultimately doesn’t exist. Advocates’ idealism – if balanced with just enough realism – can actually enhance their love life. INFJs are usually stereotyped as sensitive, reserved and emotional personality types – and they are! The depth of their emotions is powerful, and at times, a bit overwhelming to encounter for less emotional, stoic personality types.

It’s not realistic to expect one person to be perfect, or to give you all the things you need. Try to prioritize your expectations – your must-haves and your nice-to-haves – and use that to keep your wilder fantasies in check. Be your own person and do the things you enjoy instead of force-fitting yourself to other people’s standards. Then, when you find someone who “gets” you, you can be sure that it’s the real you they’re attracted to, and start building on that solid foundation. If you need assistance for mental health issues, please seek expert opinion and assistance immediately.

INTJs and INFJs share physical touch and quality time among their top three love languages. Quality time emphasizes how great their conversations are. Also, when going out with your girlfriends keep your girl squad small. Guys most likely won’t approach a large group of women as it can be intimidating to their natural instinct of selecting a woman of interest. Stick to just one or two girls as your wing women to create a greater opportunity of meeting a partner in real life.

Because INFJs place a high premium on time, the notion that their partner is reluctant to share time together is particularly hurtful. Because INFJs pour so much of themselves into cultivating a soul-mate type of relationship, they are usually faithful and honor their promises. For similar reasons, a casual fling is not something that seems appealing to an INFJ. A genuine friendship – INFJs focus on the success of their relationships, and a good friendship is a necessary foundation for building the relationship.

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