Woman, 85, Recommends Dating Website After Finding New

I doubt he will but try it, if no joy then take those screenshots and get legal advice before you approach him. He is telling her he loves her, wants to meet her to get the “ball rolling”, gives her his phone number and asks her to be his girlfriend. Tells her he hasnt looked at a woman since her.

I need help and healing and I’m all alone. When I am with him when he is home, I am happy. But if I have to leave the house or when he goes to work, I am a wreck. I am obsessing about this and he seems fine.

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I feel kinda bad to even complain because my situation is not that bad but I still need guidance to deal with it. I found a hooters swimsuit calendar on my husbands desk at work and when he saw I discovered it he said I see you found that… I said yeah it’s ok. He said no I know you don’t like it. I said no it doesn’t bother me u prob need a stress reliever since u have to deal with angry customers and uncooperative co workers all the time.

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Rather than giving up, I suggest you get our course, and both of you read one of our books , together, until there is clarity… it will come. Take this as a gift from God, that you might choose to learn how to make your marriage very good… or it will remain stagnant. Obviously I started the foundation because we can help. No, it is best to tell him you are leaving, unless he is willing to recommit to you, and you re-commit to him, AND both of you take our program, and, if he needs, use our counselors. Our human being-ness is an amazing gift. We can choose to love, express love, and aspire love…you are all about sex and sense gratification; if you have an itch you think you have to scratch it.

The environment is stronger than their will power, but they did not create it by themselves. Calling it exploitive is over-reaching. Have you ever accidentally put a wrong ingredient into some food you were making?

I don’t think he’s met up with anyone. I knew he viewed porn but I didn’t know to what degree. Hiscomputer was filled with porn pics and videos. At first I felt it was my fault–that I wasn’t paying enough attention.

I really hope I have the patience and the support to help. It’s so hard all I can do is cry when he isn’t around. We have dated on and off, gone to marriage clinics, counseling etc during this past year. I love him and believe he loves me, we are older, ages 60 and 63. I had caught him on porn and dating sites several times and we had grown farther apart.

My husband and I will be married 5 years in September. I knew about this issue with porn while we were dating, but I never thought https://flirtcheck.org/ he would bring this into our marriage. I found him browsing pictures of women on Facebook our first week of marriage.

When I go to bed I’m tired out and I can’t remember when I had a day off to myself to relax. Hey Alison, I think you’re absolutely right–it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, that’s not what the problem is here! Unfortunately, pornography is so incredibly prevalent these days that hardly anybody isn’t impacted by it. I think we pretty much have to assume that guys ARE looking at porn, and then look for the signs that THEY are willing to deal with it. I wish that we didn’t have to deal with it, but this is how the world is right now.

I also knew I couldn’t risk hurting myself over this, and I wanted him to leave. When I came back, I wanted to talk about it, and I was crying and yelling, and he was defensive. I told him at that moment that he needed to go stay with his friends for a while.

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